* Microwave Dielectric Series
* GPS Antenna & Module Series
* Crystal Oscillator Series
* Crystal Resonator Series
* SAW Device Series
JY Electronics Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of frequency control components with many years in China, our factory located in Jiangsu Province, established in 1998, and achieved the qualification certification of ISO 9001 and ISO14001 in 2000, the specialty engaged in research and development, production and sale of high performance frequency control devices( Microwave Dielectric Filter, Dielectric (Ceramic) Band-Pass Filter,Dielectric (Ceramic) Diplexer, Dielectric Resonator,Dielectric Patch Antenna,GPS Active Module, Crystal Oscillator, OCXO , MCXO ,TCXO, VCXO ,SAW Resonator, SAW Filter Etc.)          £¾£¾ More
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Microwave Dielectric Filter, Band-Pass Filter,Dielectric Diplexer,Dielectric Resonator,GPS Antenna,GPS Module,OCXO , MCXO ,TCXO, VCXO ,SAW Resonator , SAW Filter